Thursday, May 31, 2007

so many questions...

I was within a short distance of Truth, when representations got in the way!!!! living in this Post Modern age, going to university, I have a plethora of questions, and I have basic understanding of answers, but need to put them together in a cohesive statement..... hmm....

The class I am taking right now (spring session) is on multicultural Canadian literature... three words in a row that are each fraught with questions and contradictions... My head spins....

More on that later... for now-here is a poem.

sunlight dappled lawn of splintered logic
covers thirsty roots, leeches ideas
and grows thick over the remant
of autumn's certainty

Friday, May 25, 2007

I wish I could blog...

How many of you have tried to blog a number of times and failed? Sit at the computer reading other blogs and wondering if you will ever come up with a theme or purpose to your own blog?

That's me. i don't even have a description for my blog. I can't decide exactly what to write on. I am cloder now then I was, but I still am unsure. I have a thought though: Horatio Cane's sunglasses on CSI:Miami. They are incredibly symbolic of a number of structures in the show. Then there is the way that lighting is used in various movies. The halo effect for example, is used in a number of interesting ways in Spiderman 3...

It all sounds literary doesn't it? It might help to know that i am an English Major finishing an undergrad degree, desiring to pursue a Masters. I may decide to go to media studies....

Regardless, I have posted something! And for now that will have to do!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Up and stumbling...

I'd say, "up and running", but feels like I am still half asleep!

Life is going on, very quickly too!!!! I am just starting spring sessions, am involved in setting up a creative arts academy, and am trying to clean my house! There must be a poem somewhere that covers this...


By the side of the road, in the right
lane of traffic, lies
the wrong edge of
Rubber faces air, not pavement,
and grasps limply as the gravel
on the edge of wilderness.
Black patent leather, size eleven
with black laces, it leaves no print
on the passing vehicles.
It just sits.
For a matching sole.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

beginning to post-ed on a yellow sticky note

I have been told I need to blog... This is attempt three.... Petra will keep me going and nag me... so ask her to nag me if nothing comes up!!!!


Who will have a poem up in the next few days! A sticky note is finding its home on my computer right now, saying...

Blog, get posted! and cancelled in the mail!